Rotation Concerns, 2012 Callups, Alderson

ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin had his weekly chat on Thursday and I cherry picked a few questions I thought would make for an interesting debate.

With all of the potential question marks with the rotation, how could they not bring in one pitcher to compete for a job?

Money. Bottom line is Dillon Gee is not established, even though he had a terrific first half, and Johan Santana’s health — even with everyone optimistic — is not established. And there’s a dangerously thin safety net. Really, we’re talking Miguel Batista, Chris Schwinden, Jeremy Hefner and Garrett Olson right now. And maybe Chris Young at some point in the middle of the year, if he re-signs.

Can’t something be said for watching a bunch of young players develop while getting really cheap tickets to major league games? Why does the season have to be all gloom-and-doom?

They’re really not introducing young new players yet, if you’re referring to Matt Harvey, etc. That’s 2013. So we’re talking about Lucas Duda and Ike Davis? That’s fine. I wouldn’t put Josh Thole in that category, or really Dillon Gee. Are they major leaguers? Sure. But it’s not like we’re biding time waiting for them to turn into the next David Wright and Jose Reyes, or whatever the equivalent would be for their positions.

Does it seem strange to you, esp. in a depressing year, to have Sandy Alderson joking around so much, including about Mets finances, being reimbursed for gas, getting his wife a gift card at IHOP, etc.?

I think it’s well-intentioned and trying to make light of the situation, but my personal opinion is it’s not a good idea. It cements perceptions among fans — PERCEPTIONS — that he’s an MLB plant, kind of divorced from his legacy being impacted by what happens with the Mets. It’s like it’s their misfortune, not his. At least I think that’s how it’s being perceived by a segment of the fan base. The tweets will get more serious in-season. They have to. People would revolt if there were jokes being made with a sub-.500 team. Sandy Alderson went to Dartmouth undergrad and Harvard law. I’m positive he’s cognizant of that.

Do you think the Mets could be the Padres of this year and suprise some people ?

Not in the NL East. Rank the 25 starting pitchers in the division and see where the Mets’ guys lie. That will answer your question.

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