Mets Eye Candy: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This!

Check Out The New Unis!

I’m sure that some of you have seen this one before, but hey it’s the Mets 50th Anniversary Season so a little nostalgia never hurts. Of course the Mets will be paying homage to those “Lovable Losers” and will don their original uniforms for all home games. So what was old, is now new again!

What’s That You Say?

That caption should actually read: “One Small Step For Braves, One Giant Leap For Mets-kind!” Sorry Bravos, step aside, this was “OUR” time. We swept the Braves three games to none and scored 27 runs. Look mom, no steroids!

Sorry ‘Bout Your Bad Luck, Big Red Machine!

There’s the Say Hey Kid looking on as Yogi tells the driver, “Step on it, Mac. I gotta be at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum for the big game.”

How Lucky Can You Get!

It must have been a great time for catcher Jerry Grote to break in youngsters Jerry Koosman, Dick Selma, Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver. Notice how they are all fixed on what the veteran catcher has to say. They give a whole new meaning to Generation K. don’t they?

Righteous Ink!

I couldn’t tell you whose arm that is, and neither could Shannon from Mets Police where I spotted this work of art.

See you next week with another edition of Mets Eye Candy!