2012 HOF Preview: Larkin Looks Like A Lock, Bagwell Getting Little Support

Baseball Think Factory is keeping track of the Hall of Fame voting by tallying results from writers who have made their ballots public. So far, after 81 known BBWAA ballots only one player has been named on 75 percent of the ballots; Barry Larkin.

What’s even more interesting is to see how far Mark McGwire has sunk with less than 20% support.

Here are the top ten vote getters so far, and remember this is unofficial and there are many more ballots that will be counted before the official results are announced on Monday.

92.6 – Larkin
63.0 – Jack (The Jack) Morris
61.7 – T. Raines
58.0 – Bagwell
44.4 – Trammell
43.2 – Lee Smith
39.5 – E. Martinez
22.2 – L. Walker
21.0 – McGriff
18.5 – McGwire

If Jeff Bagwell can’t get in, this might spell trouble for Mike Piazza’s candidacy next year. Neither player have ever been caught using steroids or PEDs or failed any tests, but it looks like the BBWAA members are going to punish any power hitters from that era regardless of whether there’s any evidence against them.. That’s a sad commentary if it’s true.