What’s So Funny?

I came across this post on Amazin Avenue by Chris McShane, which actually reflects perfectly the overriding sentiment on Twitter immediately after it was announced the the Phillies agreed to a contract with closer Jonathan Papelbon to a four-year deal. He writes:

The good news out of Philadelphia is that the Phillies have signed Jonathan Papelbon to a four-year contract worth approximately $50 million, and there’s a vesting option for a fifth year. It’s a laughable contract, one that seems typical of the Mets as they scrambled to remain relevant after their 2006 appearance in the National League Championship Series.

He goes on to talk about lights in tunnels, and players on wrong side of thirty, something about the Phillies having $90 million tied up in five players, yada, yada, yada…

I’m not singling Chris out by the way. The sentiment of his post was very much alive and well on the comment threads right here on MMO. I just thought he worded it in a way that was easier for me to make my point which is basically to ask:

Is this what we’ve been reduced to?

Making fun of the teams that are only trying to provide their fanbase with a product worth paying to see?

So what if the Phillies have $90MM tied up on five players in 2013?

That just means they have $75 million left to spend on the other 20 players, they have a $165 million dollar payroll. In contrast, the Mets have about $15 million to fill the same 20 roster spots. Funny or sad?

In the last two weeks, I heard our GM Sandy Alderson talking about not punting in 2012, and that a Mets executive said our strategy is to wait for the Phillies to get old… And yet Mets fans are laughing as if we are some shining example of excellence on the diamond and exalted genius in the executive offices… SMH

Need I remind you all of this:

  • 2007 Phillies: 1st Place 89-73
  • 2008 Phillies: 1st Place 92-70
  • 2009 Phillies: 1st Place 93-69
  • 2010 Phillies: 1st Place 97-65
  • 2011 Phillies: 1st Place 102-60

They just keep getting better and better, while we’ve just endured an 85 loss season and could be looking at a 100 loss season with the losses of Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes.

I keep hearing about how we are rebuilding for the future, which I’m all for, but at the expense of what? Our baseball dignity?

We have three former GM’s in the front office and yet we are incapable of building for the future while keeping a contending team on the field at the same time? How come? Shouldn’t we expect more from a front office as stacked and well-compensated as this one?

We get ridiculous sound bites like “2011 is not a throwaway” or “we’re not punting in  2012” with no follow-through or veracity in what they propose.  When this trio was hired, wasn’t it Paul DePodesta who boasted that running the Mets was going to be like “Moneyball with money”?

Not quite. I see plenty of the Moneyball, but where’s the money?

Anyway, I just think it’s weird when a team like ours, pokes fun at a team like theirs….

The Phillies are everything I wish the Mets were right now.

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