Reyes’ Agents Disappointed By Mets Lack Of Initiative

Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Record on Reyes situation:

Reyes’ handlers are disappointed by the lack of initiative on the Mets’ part, but can they really be surprised? With the team’s mounting debt – including the $25 million loan from Major League Baseball that has yet to be repaid — the 2012 payroll will be reduced from $140 million to $110 million. Alderson indicated that figure could actually dip under $100 million before opening day. If so, that would represent the leanest war chest since 2004.

Without Reyes, “the Mets would be looking at a disaster” according to one talent evaluator, who thinks it would take at least four to five years to develop enough in-house talent to compete in the NL East. It’s a grim future, but the more immediate question is: If the Wilpons were intending to be this passive about Reyes’ free agency, why didn’t they just trade him in July?

My one and only criticism of this front office was not trading Reyes for a huge return in July, especially knowing that their chances of re-signing Reyes were slim to none.

For some reason they put aside their action plan and listened to the “Don’t Trade Reyes” fringe. Now they’ll get a couple of picks that are years away from the majors if they get there at all, instead of a couple of major league ready talents that would have made an immediate impact. I wonder if all the fans behind that movement understand they did more harm than good?

I’m not going to pretend that losing Reyes won’t set this team back several years, it will. But it didn’t have to be this way.