For Esses & Giggles: Go After Lincecum!

One of our readers, Deebo, comes up with a worthy Friday afternoon debate that has nothing to do with Jose Reyes, bricks and blue walls. He writes:

I just read a piece from JP Morosi that said an option for SF Giants to get more offensive support was to trade Lincecum for multiple players and then have money to sign a big name free agent (Reyes, Feilder, Pujols).

For Esses and giggles, what if the Mets traded Duda, Mejia (or Famillia), F-Mart, D-Murph and Flores for Lincecum? He’s going to make $17M next year and $20M in 2013. That, of course would mean NO REYES. Would that be a deal you would make? If not what would be your reason why?

Thanks to Deebo for the comment and for naming our brand new Friday Feature!

Here is the article that he refers to from Jon Morosi: Is Giants’ best hope trading Lincecum?

Matt Cain, Jonathan Sanchez and Ryan Vogelsongare on pace to become free agents after the 2012 season; Lincecum is up the year after that. Meanwhile, an offense that scored the fewest runs in the National League is in need of major upgrades. Hoping thatBuster Posey and Freddy Sanchez return at 100 percent doesn’t constitute an offseason plan.

So if the Giants wish to maximize their odds of returning to the World Series, they have two choices.

1. Spend big for Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols, Jose Reyes or at the very least Carlos Beltran.

2. Trade one of those prized starters for impact bats, because the day is fast approaching when the Giants won’t be able to afford them all.

The key for the Giants is that they want an impact bat. If I had to structure a package for Lincecum I would probably offer them:

David Wright, Zack Wheeler (who says you can’t go home again), Lucas Duda, Juan Lagares and Darin Gorski.

The Giants have been rumored to like Wright in the past and they would love the idea of getting Wheeler back. Lucas Duda’s power potential would have some nice appeal for them. The two minor leaguers are just window dressing and can be interchanged with just about anyone not named Matt Harvey or Jeurys Familia.

Use the David Wright money to re-sign Jose Reyes of course… Put Daniel Murphy at third base… Yada, yada, yada…

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