Mets 360: Mets Fans Prefer To Keep Ike Davis Over David Wright

  Over at Mets 360, Brian Joura had an interesting post detailing the results of a poll that asked: Which player you would least like to see traded?

Surprisingly, Ike Davis was the overwhelming choice. What makes this all the more revealing is that Davis missed three-quarters of the season and there is still uncertainty about the bone bruise on his ankle that has kept him from playing in games or even running full throttle.

The poll results also illustrates a surprising decline in support for David Wright who was once the darling of the fanbase and still is the face of the franchise.

Wright has seen his production sink to a career low in his most recent three-year average which has been attributed to injuries, pressure and Citi Field.

You can read Brian’s full article at Mets 360.