B.J. Upton For Daniel Murphy?

The season is over. Once again the Mets failed to reach the postseason. Nothing new, and certainly not surprising. Time to start looking toward the offseason.

Would B.J. Upton make sense in CF for the New York Mets in 2012?

Centerfield will be a wide open position for the Mets in 2012. While I don’t think Non-Tendering Angel Pagan is a good idea, it may happen. I think Pagan is at least a valuable 4th OF. However his talent may not equal what he gets awarded in arbitration. If the Mets feel that is the case he is a goner.

Upton has been on the trading block for awhile now. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe both. There’s no secret Upton has a cocky personality that has clashed with teammates in the past (see Longoria spat). That can be a toxic substance to bring into a clubhouse that made great steps forward in 2011. However that toxic substance can hit for a power. And right now the Mets badly need an influx of power.

Upton’s 2011 Batting Line- .243 AVG, 23 HR, 81 RBI, .429 SLG, 71 BB, 161 K* in 560 AB

Obviously the average leaves a lot to be desired. Pagan hit .262 in 2011. The strikeouts are also WAY to high. However he hit 23 HR this season. Not to mention he has shown he can take the ball out of Citi Field at will in the past. Now with the dimensions being altered and walls coming down a tad, Upton will surely flourish at Citi Field.

Defense is also a big key to Upton’s game. He has quick legs and has shown the ability to cover his position well. Could be a nice replacement for Angel Pagan in Citi Field’s spacious CF.

Murphy’s 2011 Batting Line – .320 AVG, 6 HR, 49 RBI, .448 SLG, 24 BB, 42 K in 391 AB

Murphy could play a variety of positions for the Tampa Bay Rays. He can mainly play 1B while alternating at DH. He could even spell Evan Longoria at times at 3B from time to time.

While I’m not sure if the Rays would say yes to a straight up swap of Upton for Murphy. I’m quite positive they’d say no. Murphy is coming off back to back seasons where he was injured. More than likely the Rays would ask us for another piece to even out the trade. One name I like is Fernando Martinez. He’s still young despite his constant injury problems that have haunted his young career. If he can get it together he still has potential to be a mediocre MLB player.

Would Rays say yes to a Murphy/Martinez for Upton swap? I think it’s possible. At very least Murphy is a starting point in talks.