You Ever Pitch, Kid?

I chuckled when I read this little blurb in the Daily News today:

Having burned six relievers Thursday, Collins was not going to waste another. In the middle of a disastrous ninth inning, he turned to rookie outfielder Mike Baxter.

“You ever pitch, kid?” the manager asked?

The Queens product told the skipper, “Not since I was a little kid.”

That small detail aside, Baxter was sent off to the bullpen to warm up.

“I went to the bullpen and just tried to just throw strikes,” said Baxter.

Baxter was never summoned from the pen – much to his relief.

It’s too bad it didn’t happen…

I envisioned Baxter emerging out of the bullpen gates to the sound of the theme to “the Natural”…

And then, out of a seemingly clear sky, a bolt of lightning shoots across the sky over Citi Field as Jayson Werth swings mightily at strike three to end the inning. Thus adding a new chapter to the heroic saga that is “The Legend Of Mike Baxter.”

Then of course you have that wonderful quip from Collins which reminds me of James Cagney turning to one of the Bowery Boys and saying, “You ever shoot anybody, kid?”

Sorry, too much caffeine this morning, I guess…

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