Reyes Asked Out Of The Game

Updated 4:00 pm

After today’s game, Jose Reyes told reporters that it was his decision to to leave the game after reaching base in the first inning on a bunt single.

That pretty much take’s Terry Collins off the hook. Sorry, Terry!

Reyes said: “I don’t care what people say. Last year I played seven innings, and in the seventh inning I came out of the game — the last game. I don’t care what people think. I was happy. I discussed it with Terry early.”

Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson tweeted: “Seriously people — taking out a star player to preserve his batting average lead…weak! I hope ryan braun goes 5- 5 and wins the title now.”

However, Mike Francesa is now leading the charge against what Reyes did. He called it horrendous, outrageous and just another reason why the Mets are second rate and an embarrassment. Thoughts?

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New York Mets' Jose Reyes Succesfully Bunts

I’m not writing this to bash manager Terry Collins who I absolutely like a great deal, but what in the world was he thinking when he decided to pull Jose Reyes out of the game after one at-bat in the first inning – a signature Jose Reyes bunt single?

New York Mets' Jose Reyes Runs

Did he not get the memo that this could potentially be the final game Jose Reyes might play in a Mets uniform?

Did somebody forget to remind him that the only reason any fans went to the game was to catch a glimpse of what could be the first Mets player ever to win a batting title?

New York Mets' Jose Reyes Runs To First Base For A Bunt Single Off Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Edinson Volquez In The First

How could he screw something as significant as this game and this moment up?

Jose Reyes is the only reason we are still watching games in September – nobody is buying tickets to see Jason Pridie or Angel Pagan or even David Wright.

New York Mets' Jose Reyes (7) Smiles

This was our last opportunity to say good bye to the greatest Mets shortstop in the history of this franchise and they BOTCHED the whole thing up.

Cincinnati Reds First Baseman Joey Votto, Left, Watches

So Jose Reyes bunts his way on for a hit and the last thing we’ll remember is the chorus of boos as he jogs off the field, greets Justin Turner, and ducks into the dugout. That’s aboslutely wonderful. Thanks for that Terry!

No huge ovation – no curtain calls – not much of anything. So Reyes finishes his season — and, possibly, his Mets career — with a .337 average. The only way Ryan Braun catches him is if he goes at least 3-4 tonight.

Congratulations and Good Luck Jose!