Wait’ll 2014?

I ran into an article by Will Leitch of New York Magazine in which he continues his series entitled “Fixing the Mets”. This week Leitch weighed in on Mets management and wrote the following:

“It’s a weak free-agent class, and the Mets have a ton of positions filled anyway. The smart play — and the play Alderson is likely to make — is to keep building up the farm system and waiting to strike when the free-agent iron is hot (i.e., not this off-season). Will that be enough? Are Mets fans patient enough to wait another year? Omar Minaya would have never thought so. He would have felt the need to make some sort of big-money move. That’s how the Mets got into this mess. Alderson has to hope that Mets fans remain patient and let him do his job, because it’s gonna take more than one year. It may even take more than two.”

One or two more years until we can begin to look toward free agency? And how long until we begin to look forward to a division title, four years? Five years? Six years? Sorry, I can’t wait that long.

Why does every oratory and diatribe that puts the “Mets and winning” within the same sentence, have to be referenced in future tense?

Why must we wait another one or two years, or another three to four years?

For the millions of dollars that have been shelled out in constructing one of major league baseball’s highest compensated front offices, shouldn’t they be operating faster than a snail’s pace?

Whatever happened to that age-old baseball throwback, “Wait’ll Next Year”?

We’ve already waited one year, and yet Mets’ apologists are regrouping along the front lines, readying the troops and trumpeting the new 2012 rallying cry, “Wait’ll 2014”.  Really?

What about that extra $70 million dollars we just skimmed off the payroll, what happens with that?

I figured the payback for dumping Beltran and K-Rod at the expense of undermining the bullpen and offense for the rest of 2011, would be so that the all those millions would be re-invested wisely on better players? Is that not the plan anymore?

Is every free agent class going to be cast aside with the excuses that there were no players that could have helped the team, and those that could have helped wanted too much money?

Well, how convenient…

Didn’t we raise ticket prices to help pay for players like Carlos Beltran and Frankie Rodriguez?

Well if this front office plans to slip most of all that loot they scooped up, and put it back into Fred’s pocket, can we at least roll back ticket prices to what they were in 2004?

If we’re going to pretend like it’s 2004 again, let’s go all the way and do it right. Why should fans pay major league ticket prices to watch the Buffalo Bisons get their butts handed to them by the Philadelphia Phillies?

If your plan is for us to come to the park just so we can see Tommy Pickles (David Wright) lead the rest of the Rugrats, than cut those ticket prices in half…

Or otherwise spend the money that we the fans have already paid into during the last five gut-wrenching years, and put a product on the field that’s worthy of all the accolades this front office keeps getting heaps of… and do it fast.

You had your year… time to start showing some results… and please don’t bother pointing to the farm as if it’s some measure of achievement… I measure success in major league wins.

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