Those Blue Jerseys Are Not So New After All – See Them Without The “Los”

I was very excited when of our readers, Joe (metsr1) sent in some pictures of his Blue Mets Jersey that he purchased 4-5 years ago.

Check out these awesome pics…

Kind of familiar looking, huh?

 It’s an exact replica of last week’s Los Mets jerseys!

Without the Los! 

  • Notice the similar orange piping…

  • Notice the orange upward slanted script with white stroke…

  • Notice there is no drop shadow…

  • And of course, notice how Metsmerized it looks!

Here’s the email we got from metsr1 that explains the back-story on this…

I am an avid reader and poster. Not alot of people know, but the Mets sold the blue jersey used for the Latin night about 4-5 years ago online without the “Los” on them. I purchased one, but never really saw anyone else with one. It’s very strange.

I thought they would sell like hot cakes. 

When I wear it, people say they wish the Mets would actually adopt it. Here is a picture(s). I thought you may want to show it so that people can get an actual look that has not been photoshopped.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for sending us those pics, Joe. Your jersey rocks dude, I’m sooo getting one for myself!

If anyone else has any odd or interesting Mets stuff, feel free to email us at

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