The Race Is On: Can Duda Surpass Bay’s Production In Half The AB’s?

Last night when I saw Lucas Duda’s numbers up on the board I began to think about what he could realistically finish with.  He has not been up here for that long, but is already closing in on double digit home runs and is nearing 40 RBI.

As I was thinking about this I began to wonder where he could end up on the rankings for the Mets when it dawned on me, could he really end up leading this team in home runs and RBI?  Currently the leader on this team is David Wright with 10 home runs, but he missed two months.  Jason Bay has been here all season long and has JUST 9.

The actual leader in just about every category from is Carlos Beltran, but of course he is no longer here.

Duda just hit his 7th home run of the season last night as he continues his offensive onslaught. Duda now has 35 RBI, and trails Jason Bay by just 8 RBI.

Bay’s AB:  365 – 9 HR – 43 RBI
Duda’s AB: 204 – 7 HR – 35 RBI

Things like this just makes you realize just how pathetic Jason Bay has been, even with his slight increase in power over the last month, he still most likely will not reach 15 home runs or 60 RBI.

With the way Duda is playing I am very excited to see how the big guy will finish.  I also want to see how long it will take him to pass Jason Bay in every production category.

Just for fun (since we have to find it somewhere), what do you think the over/under date is for Lucas Duda to pass Jason Bay’s production?

September 10th, 17th or 25th???

My money is on September 10th! 

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