Latest Reyes Trip To DL, May Have A Good Side Effect For The Mets

The New York Mets have once again had to place Jose Reyes on the disabled list as a result of a hamstring strain. However, this bit of bad news for the team, may have at least one positve side effect to it.

This scenario could actually be helpful for the Mets when you take a deeper look. It has been rumored that Reyes could get Carl Crawford money when he becomes a free agent this off-season.

However, this latest injury could impact his chances of getting that kind of a cash windfall. Reyes has made many trips to the disabled list in his career and some people believe that he is injury prone.

With his latest injury, it only gives teams more reason to believe that Reyes will continue to have issues.

This is a fact that will help the Mets greatly when it comes to negotiating with Reyes and his agent this off-season. Reyes’ price will likely drop down to a range that the Mets can afford as many teams will be hesitant to sign up to a long-term deal.

Reyes will likely miss between two to three weeks as a result of this current injury.

With the Mets out of contention this year, they have no need to rush Reyes back. He will take his time getting healthy. This missed playing time also works in the Mets favor.

That time off of the field will definitely cost Reyes money and he could lose out on millions of dollars as a result of this injury

Reyes has undoubtedly been the Mets MVP when he has been healthy this year and if the Mets wish to succeed in the near future, it is important that he is on the team’s roster.

Losing Jose Reyes or any player to an injury is never a good thing, but there may be a  silver lining in it for the Mets if it increases the chances of them keeping their All Star shortstop for the 2012 season and beyond.