Labor Day Is The Deadline To Decide If Ike Davis Has Surgery

Updated 8/13

Last night before the game, injured first baseman Ike Davis spoke with reporters and said that a decision to undergo surgery on his left ankle must by made by Labor Day.

“Labor Day is basically the cutoff day when I would have enough time to be healthy if I did have surgery for the next year. Around Labor Day, that would give me enough time to get back on the field. Around that day is when I’m going to try to start running again, see if this rest helped me or not and go from there.”

As reported previously, the Mets are trying to exhaust all non-surgical options because there is no guarantee that the micro-fracture surgery on Davis’ injured ankle will be successful and that there’s a slight chance it may even make things worse.

Original Post 8/10

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, the Mets will stick with their original plan for Ike Davis after seeking and getting a second opinion from another orthopedic specialist in Charlotte.

So the Mets first baseman will continue to remain idle for 3-4 weeks, after which the team will reevaluate his progress and determine whether they will proceed with micro-fracture surgery.

The recovery period from this type of procedure could last anywhere from 16-20 weeks, and both Sandy Alderson and Ike Davis have acknowledged that there is no guarantee it would work


The best course of action here is whatever gets Davis healthy and ready to go in 2012.  Whether that means surgery or rehab or whatever the case may be, playing him this year has to be out of the question.  This season is over for all intents and purposes, so getting the injured ready for next year has to be the course of action.  And that goes for Johan Santana, also.