From Left Field: Carlos Beltran Update

After hearing his name every single day for quite awhile a few weeks ago, Carlos Beltran has almost become a forgotten figure in New York. Maybe it just seems that way since almost every post was Beltran related, but even so Beltran’s association with the Mets is history.

Anyway, here’s a Beltran update. In 11 games for the San Francisco Giants, Beltran is hitting just .244. He has no home runs and just two RBI. He does surprisingly have two triples, which is as many as he had this year with the Mets.

Even worse, Beltran left Sunday’s game with pain in his right hand. He was expected back Wednesday but still hasn’t been in the lineup. He may even wind up on the disabled list.

The Giants viewed Beltran as the savior that would propel them to an easy NL West crown. However, that has not been the case just yet at least. The Giants find themselves one game back of the Arizona Diamondbacks (the same team picked to finish last in the division).

San Francisco had to be aware of the injury risk associated with Beltran, but they still decided to pull the trigger on the deal. How could you blame them, though? They desperately needed offense, and Beltran was the best available player on the market.

From the Mets perspective, this trade is looking like a steal. Zach Wheeler has been a little shaky so far, but the long-term investment could pay off in the form of a top of the rotation starter.

I’m definitely upset that Beltran isn’t performing up to par for the Giants. I would much rather see Beltran carry the Giants on his back to capture the NL West and unseat the Phillies for a second time in the playoffs.

However, if Beltran remains sidelined, the Giants are still the weak hitting team that desperately coveted Beltran before the trade deadline, only now without their star pitching prospect in Wheeler.

Let’s see how things unfold over the next few weeks with Beltran. He’s already missed a week, so placing him on the DL would be retroactive to Sunday. But in such a tight race with about a month and half to go, every game counts.

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