Stop The Insanity! Domonic Brown For Beltran Is Pure Fantasy!

Once upon a time, in a land where Oreo Cookies grow on trees, and it always rained Skittles upon the land, the Mets acquired uber-prospect Domonic Brown from the Phillies from whence the Hershey River flowed. In return for their wonderful haul, the Mets happily exchanged their 34-year old right fielder with two bad knees, who adoring fans lovingly referred to as Tron.

Mets general manager, Sandy Alderson, was so overjoyed at completing such a fantastical deal for one of the top four prospects in the entire country, that he couldn’t contain his exuberance. He immediately thanked his good friends from the City of Brotherly Love and after they hugged and shook hands on the deal, the two GMs danced and frolicked together. Then hand in hand, they went down to the village square where they delighted in a delicious lunch of fine English tea and homemade raspberry crumpets with gooseberry jam.

It’s hard to believe that some Mets fans are actually buying into that hogwash…

I thought we were supposed to be the smartest baseball fans in the game? Did some of us loose a few screws in the last 24 hours?

Domonic Brown Domonic Brown #9 of the Philadelphia Phillies watches the ball on a fly out during the game against the Florida Marlins at Citizens Bank Park on June 14, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Phillies won 9-1.

Who in their right mind would actually believe that the Philadelphia Phillies would give up their number one prospect and 4th best prospect in baseball, Domonic Brown, in exchange for a two month rental with bad knees? Have you literally gone insane?

I’ve heard of speculation and hypothetical trades before, but this is worse than anything I have ever heard from the wacky callers on WFAN.

Why in the world would Philadelphia even consider such a preposterous idea???

Especially when they know that that they wont get ANY compensation draft picks after the season when Beltran becomes a free agent!

Now come on people, let’s get real here…

The fact that so many Met fans jumped all over this simply because Jon Heyman wondered if Sandy Alderson would bring up Domonic Brown’s name, is very laughable to me. But it wouldn’t be the first time a sports journalist would send Mets fans into a frenzy.

Just because the Mets might be dumb enough to trade Beltran to a division rival, don’t assume the Phillies are just as dumb or actually dumber to give the Mets a young, core/franchise-type player for the next decade in return! Just get that notion out of your heads.

And by the way, the Mets are in no position to make demands. All they want is something… anything… for Beltran.

Oh, and I’m not buying the reports that the Wilpons are going to eat all 100% of the remaining salary on Beltran’s contract to get a better return. No way, no how, that happens. Give me a quote from Fred.

One thing is true and it has been even before the season started…

Beltran will get traded, and you can take that to the bank.

But if you think you’re getting any player featured among Baseball America Top 5 Prospects or Top 50 Prospects, I got a bridge to sell you in Citi Field.

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