K-Rod Was “Flippin” Mad After Blown Save

Brewers fans are flipping out after seeing what they believe was Francisco Rodriguez flipping the bird to teammate and Brewers closer John Axford after he blew the save as the setup man in the eight inning.

In this photo by the Daily News, the FOX Sports TV cameras panned to K-Rod for his reaction after he blew the save in the eighth inning for the Brewers Wednesday night, and they caught him doing this:

Francisco shows someone what he thinks about blowing a save against the Diamondbacks.

Yes that’s K-Rod looking none too happy in his new digs, giving somebody the one-fingered salute. But to who?

K-Rod started the 8th with a 1-0 lead over the D-Backs, but after a single a walk and a two-run double, the Brewers were now down 2-1 and Rodriguez picked up a blown save, although the Brew Crew would comeback and win the game in extras.

“Wow, what the heck was he even thinking doing something like that’, said one Brewers fan. “It sure does look like that’s for Axford, and if it is, he needs to be dealt with and quickly.”

“I guess we’ll see how this plays out’, said another fan, “doesn’t look real good though does it. If he is in fact flipping off Axford, which it looks like to me, he should be traded for a third baseman or SS. But with this potentially ugly incident now public knowledge, they might not get what they want in return.”

Does anyone still miss K-Rod?