Is Reyes’ Injury A Good Thing?

Okay before all you Mets fans bash me and say what is this kid smoking, take a second to think. Is this Reyes hamstring injury really all so bad?

Yes I know Reyes has been the brightest light in an otherwise dark season for the New York Metropolitans. In what will end up being yet any wasted season in Flushing, Reyes has been unarguably the most exciting player in baseball. On pace to shatter the Mets triples record and also hitting .354. Why would anyone in their right mind want him injured?

Oh yeah he is on pace to get paid 100+ million dollars after seasons end. And oh yeah the team trying to re-sign him has as much money as MC Hammer. Some team is very likely to offer Reyes 150+ million if he continues having the Hall of Fame like season he’s been having. I mean hell Jayson Werth got 120 million dollars and he’s not half the player Reyes is.

Reyes has done everything he possibly can to make sure his value is at an all-time high. Having unquestionably the most productive season in his career. And the key part of it all is he has stayed healthy. More than his production, health is the true factor teams are looking at as Jose Reyes continues his 2011 season. I mean who is going to give an often injured player (which Reyes has been his whole career) a 100+ million dollar contract?

Enter Hamstring injury. Does everyone remember why Fred Wilpon said Reyes “Won’t get Carl Crawford money”?

It was because he believed no team would be willing to commit that type of money to a player with Reyes injury history. So what does Reyes do? He plays an uninterrupted 2011 season without injury. Until Saturday that is. This hamstring injury furthers Fred Wilpon’s thinking. Reyes just can’t stay fully healthy for a whole season. And as good as his numbers have been all season, this injury will be the first thing to decrease his value. And as a Mets fan who desperately wants Reyes back (and thinks he will be back), this is the first time I’ve seen Reyes go down where I truthfully wasn’t disappointed. In the big picture, it may be a good thing.