How Stupid Plays Almost Crushed The Mets Rally Yesterday

Despite the fact the Mets lost yesterday to the Dodgers, 6-0 , there were a few plays in the late innings that nearly crushed any chance at a rally.

1.) Justin Turner swinging at a 2-0 pitch in the eighth

While this play was a microcosm of the game and showed the Mets impatience at the plate, this play signified more then that. With men on first and second, and a chance to get Carlos Beltran up to the plate or to even advance the runners, Turner swung at an ill-advised inside pitch that he popped down the right field line. Where as Turner has been patient as shown by his OBP amongst rookies, this was clearly Turner trying to make something out of nothing, and that one pitch could have bought him a much fatter one to swing at

2.) Ruben Tejada stealing third

For a disclaimer note, and as I said on twitter, Ruben Tejada is not Angel Pagan nor Jose Reyes, and them stealing third with two outs in the eighth inning would have been inexplicable as well. But Ruben Tejada, he of 0 stolen bases until yesterday charging hard for third and luckily getting the call in his favor, one has to wonder what was going through his mind. He was already at second, so he was in scoring position. If he gets the last out at third, he kills Beltran’s chance to hit with RISP and probably gets a piece of his hide removed by Terry Collins. That was obviously Ruben taking the base on his own.

3.) Ronny Paulino taking huge cuts in the last at-bat of eighth.

Clayton Kershaw had already been over 100 pitches and Paulino had a chance to draw Kershaw into a much better count. I cannot fault Paulino here for wanting to swing momentum, but Paulino has shortened his swing in key RBI situations before, and that would have been the much better approach. Kershaw was filthy yesterday, but that changeup was diving from jump street, and an emergency hack probably could’ve wasted the pitch.

4.) Lucas Duda’s strikeout in the ninth.

Less again, cannot fault Duda for wanting to draw blood with the bases drunk. Kuo is a filthy lefty with a mid-90’s fastball, but he does have his control issues and as with most hard throwers, gets chasers. Duda has gotten by with some good hits, and possibly punching a single in for two RBI’s to bring up Pagan may have been much wiser.

Overall, the Mets lost because they couldn’t put together hits when needed and didn’t manage one extra base hit all game. That is not a recipe for the win. Also, it didn’t hurt that the umpire Gibson blew another more obvious call in the second inning.

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