Exclusive Interview With Justin Turner – Great Expectations!

As most of you know, I’ve interviewed past Mets players before. However, last Sunday, In The Game Collectibles brought New York Mets second baseman Justin Turner to Park East and it was a great time for everyone there.

Turner came straight from Citi Field after playing the Philadelphia Phillies, and I was so happy that I got a chance to sit down and talk to him.

He spent the night signing autographs, taking pictures, and even taking time to greet fans who were all so excited to meet him. It was great to hear his thoughts about baseball, and hearing him talk about the Phillies game that he had just played in only a couple of hours earlier. He was so down to earth and just a fun guy to talk to.

“This summer has been pretty awesome. We are playing pretty good right now, trying to get over that 500 hump we are kind of stuck on right now – but hopefully we will make a run for the playoffs really soon.” said Turner.

Run in the playoffs? When I talked to Justin the Mets were 12 games behind 1st in the division and 8.5 games behind in the wild card. (Now they are 12.5 behind in the division and still 8.5 behind in the wild card). He thinks they can get all the way up there, “That’s the plan! That’s why we are playing right?”. See now that’s the kind of answer that we all want/need to hear!

This is Turners first year on the Mets and he enjoying every moment, “It’s awesome! I’m loving it. We have lots of fun and everyone enjoys coming to the park.”

When asked about the series with the Phillies, he had some explaining to do. “We beat up on Cole Hamels pretty good”, Turner said. He added “the two pitchers we were supposed to get lots of hits and runs off of, we didn’t do so well.”

Now onto the stuff that everyone wants to know…pump up songs! “Whatever Jose has playing on his speakers that he has set up in the corner. He has a pretty decent playlist. Hip-Hop and Reggaeton is going pretty good in our club house”, Justin told me.

There were no pranks and shenanigans that went on so far this season, but… Justin as well as the other Mets rookies had to sing in front of everyone on the bus.

After the interview I continued to talk to Justin Turner, and my brother who was there with me told him that if he sees a girl in the stands screaming his name with posters and all that it would be me because I’m his number #1 fan! He said he’s looking forward to it!

What a way to leave it off! hahaha

To hear the rest of the interview see the link below!

Justin Turner is such an amazing athlete and has a great future as a ballplayer, so, everyone beware, he is not going anywhere. He’s here to stay!  Just wait…

Justin Turner Interview!