A Win – Win Trade For The Brewers and The Wilpons

I know many of you were as shocked as I was when the news broke late last night that the Mets had unloaded Francisco Rodriguez plus some cash (Sherman says it’s $5 million) to the Milwaukee Brewers in return for two players to be named later.

The trade accomplishes two things for the Mets.

One, they no longer have to deal with that $17.5 million dollar option that was 21 games finished away from vesting. Whew. This was a huge coup for Fred Wilpon who is in dire straits and I’m sure there will be a little something extra in Sandy Alderson’s Christmas Card this December.

Two, it gives the Mets an opportunity to see what they have in Pedro Beato and Bobby Parnell. Yes, Izzy is still in the picture, but now that the selling has begun, don’t be shocked if Izzy is next to go.

Is this a win for the Mets in the clubhouse? No.

Is this a win for manager Terry Collins? Definitely not.

Is this a win for the other 24 players who have been busting their asses all season long? Absolutely not.

Is this a win for the Wilpons? You’re damned straight it was…

This was a salary dump, pure and simple. In fact, based on comments made by both Fred Wilpon and Sandy Alderson in the last two months, this savings may not even be reinvested in the payroll this season or next.

Now, on the other side of the coin…

The trade is a huge win for the Brewers. They add an elite closer who will make a tremendous positive impact on their bullpen as K-Rod now becomes one of the best, if not the best, setup relievers in the game.

The Brewers got back enough cash that they won’t even have to pay K-Rod more than $2-3 million dollars (if that) to boost their chances for a division title. 

It costs the Brewers just two mid-level prospects from a minor league system that is ranked among the worst systems in baseball. The Mets will get a list with five names, pick two of them, and soon the lovefest for these schleps will begin. It always does.

This deal could be the difference maker in securing the NL Central division for the Brewers. The Cardinals will now have to respond with a move of their own. (Maybe Izzy?)

Great hitting, great starting pitching and now a lethal bullpen for Bob Melvin and his Brew Crew. Nice job.

Who the Mets get back doesn’t really matter. It’s just a formality. This was simply a financially motivated move to get the Wilpons out from under that vesting option.  

There will be more moves like this one in the future. Of that I’m sure.

For a great take on what motivated Alderson to make this trade now, and what this means for Carlos Beltran, I urge you to read this column by Adam Rubin. Great stuff as usual by Adam.

The Mets emailed us that there will be a conference call sometime today, so we’ll see what more information we can bring you.

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