3 Up & 3 Down – Mets Shuffle The Cards Edition

On Thursday afternoon the New York Mets wrapped up a three game series with the St. Louis Cardinals, dropping game three, but winning the first two – including a dramatic win on Wednesday night.

3 Up

1) Reyes Return: Jose Reyes returned to the big club on Tuesday night, and turned in two game saving defensive plays. This season we’ve all gotten used to Jose doing it with his bat, but Tuesday he flashed some leather. Let’s face it the Mets are such so much better when Reyes is in the line up.

2) Angel’s Home Run: Angel Pagan is one of my favorite Mets. He just looks like a guy who wants to play baseball hard, each and everyday. I guess we could call him a warrior. Angel has been struggling at the plate lately, so it was just great when he hit a big home run into the Pepsi Porch to give the Mets a 6-5 win on Wednesday night. Good for you Angel!!

3) Ageless Izzy: With Frankie Rodriguez gone to the Brewers, Terry turned to the ageless Jason Isringhausen this week to close out games. Izzy responded big time, nailing down his first save of the season on Tuesday night, then working two scoreless innings on Wednesday and picking up his second win of the season. The great thing about this Met team is that on any given night, you have no idea who the hero of the game may be.

**Honorable Mention**

Let’s give some props to SNY and our guys Ronny, Keith and Gary for working Wednesday night’s game from the Pepsi Porch. The guys looked like they were having fun, and it made for a great telecast. My favorite moment had to be Keith buying the hot dogs.

3 Down

1) Beltran’s Last Home Game (most likely): Next week MMO will be honoring Carlos Beltran, but I just wanted to jump in now. Beltran will probably go down as one of the most underrated and in some cases under appreciated Met players of all time. Beltran had a steady glove and put up some very nice offensive numbers. This season Beltran showed the type of quiet leader he is. He could have opted out from any number of games, but knowing his team needs him with both Wright & Davis on the DL, Beltran went out and played pretty much every day. I’m even over him talking called strike three in the 2006 playoffs. Carlos, thank you for everything. All the best!!

2) Bay’s Hammy: Jason Bay has been nothing but a complete disappointment since his arrival here. Once again he has a July injury. I’m not saying he’s not hurt, but lets just hope history doesn’t repeat itself, and Bay sits out the remainder of the season.

3) Sloppy, Sloppy, Sloppy: In the Thursday afternoon game, sloppy fielding play led to three Cardinal runs. While the Mets have impressed me all season, they aren’t a good enough team to overcome sloppy play. Lets hope they do better down in Florida.