Oh, The Pain…

Ugh, a walk-off balk and the Mets fall back under .500 after one game. What a punch in the gut.

Another one of those days where the Mets snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, but hey you can’t say it wasn’t a hard fought game on both sides. It was actually an exciting contest from start to finish even though we lost. But it’s games like this that build character, and like they’ve done so many times before the Mets will shake it off and move one.

Give the Mets credit for coming back from a 4-run deficit and making things interesting all the way to the end.

Obviously we all knew K-Rod was going to go the rest of the season without another blow save, but I think what really irks most of was the gaffe by Duda at first base and of course losing on a balk. Shades of Mike Pelfrey and the yips.

Anyway, we go back home a better team than the one that left Citi Field a week and a half ago.

Inter-League! The Angels and A’s are coming to town, we can take ’em!