MetsMerized Player Of The Week! (Week 9?)

It’s been a while since I’ve been back here for the POTW – I think the Mets injury bug has spread to me. I’ve been watching the Mets more often lately, trying to find footage from online feeds, and I’ve been feeling a little different about the team. Our expectations from our Metsies have always been a little high so we all feel a little pessimistic at times when they don’t achieve them. Last week wasn’t particularly anything to get excited about. All in all, I’m trying to enjoy this year because it might be the last time I see Reyes, Wright, and Beltran all on the same time. These guys play hard and I feel like they do put out a good effort on a regular basis, so I am happy to be a Mets fan. I could be MUCH happier but… I’m still a Mets fan through the thick.

My choice for MetsMerized Player Of The Week is…Dillon Gee!


Gee whiz, our farm system may have produced someone to be happy about. Dillon Gee has created a big ripple in the water with his performance so far this year – and his two starts last week were no different. I really like Dillon Gee and while I don’t see him becoming an ace anytime…ever – I do see him becoming a solid MLB starter and probably having an impact in the future Mets rotations.

This week, Gee had two starts, both of the quality variety. His stat line was 14.0 IP, 9 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 10 K. He went 7 IP in both starts and looked very impressive in Pittsburgh (granted, that’s still to be taken with a grain of salt) and he won both starts. He could stand to pick up a few pointers with the bat however – he struck out in three out of his four ABs this week.

Regardless of whatever you think of Dillon Gee, one has to smile at his stat line for the week and the fact that he managed to pull off a good pitching performance against our rival Atlanta Braves. I’m happy for him and if he continues this kind of performance, ROTY is not out of the question. Congrats to Gee!

Past Award Winners

One-Hit Wonders: Chris Young, David Wright*, Ike Davis/Pedro Beato

Who’s Hot And Who’s Not

Daniel Murphy: .545/.545/.565 (12 – 22, All Singles), 3 R, 12 TB, BB

Jason Bay: .056/.056/.190 ( 1 – 18), 3 R, RBI, 5 K, SB

Of Note

Only two home runs last week – Beltran and Turner.

Dale Thayer is the man.

Pelfrey, Beato, Rodriguez, and Acosta had ERA’s over 10 last week, Acosta’s being 54.00.

Brewers and the Pirates this week – LGM!