Gee & Co. Smashed, Mets Lose 7-3

Dillon Gee had his worst major league outing, and the bullpen didn’t fare much better as the Mets lost to the Oakland Athletics, 7-2

Game Notes

Dillon Gee had a horrible outing, and it isn’t shown by the basic stats. Dillon Gee allowed four runs on three hits, striking out one but walking SIX. Gee walked in a run, and just got burned by an inability to put batters away. With the bases loaded in the fifth inning, the Mets took out Gee for pinch hitter Scott Hairston. It was a combination of walks and no offense, but this was a horrible outing for Gee.

D.J. Carrasco apparently ate at the same place as gee, giving up three runs in two innings on four hits, walking two and striking out none. With the Mets keeping the walks in check, this game just showed how easily a game could unravel. Nine walks to ten hits equals seven runs. Manny Acosta went one inning allowing a hit. Tim Byrdak went an inning, striking out two. Byrdak has looked much better recently. Bobby Parnell came out and threw the ball hard for an inning, walking one and giving up two hit. If only Bobby could throw a changeup..slower then 90 MPH. Parnell was saved by a great 5-3 double play.

The offense couldn’t put together hits against Josh Outman, putting his back against the wall on a few occasions and then failing to capitalize when it mattered. Ruben Tejada’s sac-fly with the bases loaded proved to be the only major offense until the sixth inning home run by everyone’s favorite Met, Jason Bay hit his third home run of the year. Mr. Bay would add an RBI triple that missed being a home run by a glove (literally).

Mets 1 through 4 hitters – 1 for 18 with a walk and four strikeouts. Never a good recipe for success.

Scott Hairston – 0 for 1 with a pop-out in a big situation. .263 against lefties this year with fourteen K’s. All Scott’s HR’s this year? Against righties. eek.

Mets received major help in the fourth from Jemile Weeks with two bad plays that allowed baserunners.

Turning Point

When Dillon Gee couldn’t throw strikes. So…inning one?

Game Ball

Jason Bay. 3 for 3 with a walk, home run, triple, a run and two RBI. This is hopefully a turning point for Bay.

On Deck

The Mets will look to rebound from two straight losses tommorrow at 7:10 P.M, sending Gio Gonzalez to the mound to face off against R.A. Dickey.