Cecil Fielder Says The Mets Have A Chance At Signing His Son Prince

We all know who Prince Fielder is.  He is a big guy with huge power.  He has also become one of baseball’s best power hitters, and has been a Met killer as well.  But could you imagine Prince Fielder as a New York Met?

According to the New York Daily News, Cecil Fielder told Ebenezer Samuel that the Mets could very well end up signing his son Prince Fielder when he hits the free agent market. 

This is what Cecil said about the Mets chances of signing his son at the Bronx Bomber’s softball game.

“I think if everything goes well on the other side, the Mets are one of those teams that if they get that situation all squared away, they could get him.”

As much as i think that Price Fielder would be a great pickup for the Mets, I just don’t see that happening.  You would have to ask Ike Davis to move to another position, and that wouldn’t go over too well with the fans. Plus, the financial situation hasn’t been resolved yet, so who knows if the Mets could even afford to sign the 1st basemen.   I just don’t see that happening.