Beltran Acting Selfish Again, Pagan Feels Our Pain

Carlos Beltran is at it again. He continues to go out of his way to say and do the wrong things, and this time he completely crossed the line and may have gone to far. Mike Sielski of the Wall Street Journal, explains this latest Beltran fiasco.

Apparently, Terry Collins intended to give Beltran a day off to try an give his right fielder a much needed break. Selfish as always, Beltran declined saying:

“I prefer to remain in the lineup. I want to be out there. Right now, we’re missing guys. I just feel that it’s my responsibility, at least, to put myself in the lineup, and maybe when we get guys back, if there’s an opportunity to get a day off and he asks me, then I will take it. But it’s not a good time.”


After Thursday’s four RBI game, Beltran is batting .288 with a .908 OPS. Sielski says that both of those marks are higher than his career numbers in those categories. He has nine home runs and 32 RBIs in 54 games, a pace that will put him at 29 home runs and 104 RBI.

Meanwhile, Angel Pagan had an interesting response when Tara Sullivan of The Record asked him his thoughts about the possibility of Reyes playing his final days in a Mets uniform.

“He would love to stay in New York, but he has in his mind that his contract is up and he might wear another uniform next year. Right now he’s focused on playing hard every day and helping the team win. I bet the Mets fan can’t be having fun imagining the team without Jose and David. They are the face of the franchise. I hope that never happens.”

Honestly, and I’ve written this before, going into the season I was one of Jose’s sharpest critics. I just couldn’t see paying him $100 million dollars knowing that his wheels were his best asset. I’ve softened my stance since March, and these days I can’t even imagine this team without Jose Reyes. He made me a believer again.