Mets On Pace For Nearly 100 Losses

We saw what the Mets could do a week ago. They were proficient in tacking on runs, scoring late and getting hits with two outs, and – surprise – with runners in scoring position.

However, they were also doing that against Houston, Arizona and Washington. Teams not much better than them.

Now we are seeing what they can, or should I say, can’t do against the National League’s elite arms.

They were taken down last night by Tim Lincecum. Before that it was Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee. Those games also featured wasted pitching outings by Jon Niese, Chris Young and Chris Capuano.

Maybe it will get better when Jason Bay and Angel Pagan return, but their absence is really no excuse. Major league hitters must find away to manufacture runs. Even against the best, the Mets must play better than their current pace, which would net them 65 victories.

That’s good enough for last place, not much more.

As dominating as Lincecum was last night, the Mets left nine runners on base and went 1-for-9 with runners in scoring position. They had their chances.

This isn’t a team without opportunities. This is a team not good enough to convert them.

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Added to by Joe D.

All the good feelings that were spurred on by that six game winning streak are now gone as the Mets went on to lose five of their next six games and are dangerously close to getting swept this afternoon at Citi Field. The Mets are back at the bottom of the MLB heap and things look bleak again. I’m getting pretty damn tired of seeing Chin-lung Hu and Willie Harris being asked to come through in some of the most critical spots in the game only to see them fail. I think it’s time to move on from those two and if Hu was signed to be a defensive replacement, how come he hasn’t been used as one? If that continues to be the case, I’d rather call up another bat from the minors and replace those zeroes Terry Collins has had to rely on in key late inning at-bats.

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