Should The Mets Trade Reyes To The Angels For Trout?

Now this is complete speculation on my part but with all the trade rumors buzzing, especially after the Mets slow start, it hit me, why not trade Reyes to the Angels for speedster prospect Mike Trout? He would be absolutely perfect for Citi Field. He covers a lot of ground in the outfield, blazing speed and is only 19.

Ever since the Angels let Chone Figgins walk in the 2009 off season, the Angels have lacked the spark they once had at the top of the lineup. Reyes could be that guy for them if the time comes that it is necessary for the Mets to trade him.

Yes, Mike Trout could become that spark plug for the Angels, but he likely will not be major league ready until 2012-2013. If the Mets come to the point where they trade Reyes, they will likely be in rebuilding mode; the perfect way to allow Trout to ease his way up to the majors. The Angels are not in a “win now” scenario, but acquiring Reyes could put them there.

The Mets could have drafted Mike Trout in 2009 but decided to sign closer Francisco Rodriguez instead. With Billy Wagner out recovering from Tommy John surgery and the club suffering their second straight September collapse, Minaya signed K-rod overpaying monetarily and with their first-round pick. Looking back, especially after the incident at Citi Field in 2010, it probably would have been in the Mets best interest long-term to keep their first round pick instead of signing K-rod.

As we know, Reyes is performing at the top of his game right now. He has 23 hits, six stolen bases and a .315 batting average in the first 16 games of 2011. With the team at a dismal 5-11 record to start the year and Reyes showing signs of old, the possibility of him being moved is becoming more and more likely.

If Reyes continues to perform at the level he is now, a prospect at the tier of Mike Trout may not be out of the question in order for Reyes to be acquired before the July 31st deadline.

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