Mets Are Hitting and Scoring

Last night, our very own Ben Yoel tweeted this as the Mets went on to lose to the Phils 10-7….

I could care less the Mets didn’t win the game last night. They showed that they have fight and can come back from early deficits.

I totally agree with Ben’s statement. Even when the Mets were down, they kept hitting, and they kept scoring.

It could be that hitting coach Dave Hudgens is having a positive effect on the players, as far as their hitting approach goes. Which was more than we could say for Howard Johnson.

The Mets are definitely getting off to a good start offensively, todays game against baseball’s best Roy Halladay, not withstanding.

The Mets, even with the shutout, are 3rd in the NL in runs scored,  4th in batting and 3rd in OBP.

They really need to keep this up in order for them to be competitive in the NL East, so lets hope it continues and that it’s not a fluke.