Keep Your Hands Off The Panic Button

This is going to be short and sweet. So here we are slightly over two weeks into the 2011 season and already calls are being made for the team to be sold off into pieces like a Madoff estate sale.

Lets deal Wright and Reyes for the coveted future phenom or phenoms, because certainly that’s what the Mets should get in return for either of them, right? Deal Beltran too. He can get us a few future stars right? Granted when you start the season winning just 5 of 16, every possible scenario, valid or fantasy, gets tossed around.

But to quote Matt Cerrone from Metsblog, “Wash, rinse and repeat“. This is a team that will toy with our emotions all season long. We better get used to it soon or all of us are going to sound a bit schizophrenic, one week lauding the team for playing above average, the next picking off which Met Alderson can sell on Craigslist for the next Steven Strasburg.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pie in the sky, everything is fine, don’t look behind the curtain type of fan here. I know we have issues and there absolutely may come a time where wholesale changes may be needed. Just not 2 weeks into the season people. The same reaction was made by the fan base when Alderson didn’t give Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo their pinks slips the day he was hired.

Immediately the stories of “it’s the same ole story” floated it’s way around the blogosphere. Alderson as cool headed and handed as they come did his best Daniel Negreanu, and waited until HE was ready and made his own analysis to part ways with Perez and Castillo. The same can be said if he decides to deal any player or players for prospects.

Like a good poker player he’s not apt to show his hand and so far he doesn’t seem to have a tell. He knows, as do the other 29 General Managers, that the New York Mets would love to restock their farm system. The salesman in him also realizes that you buy low and sell high. Dealing any player right now wouldn’t net the Mets even close to what they desire. Timing as the clich√© goes, really is everything.

I have to say I didn’t think the knee-jerk reactions were going to be this immediate. Ask yourselves this question: If the Mets were 11 and 5 would you be saying that Alderson and Collins are geniuses? Of course not, it’s 16 friggin games. Wash. Rinse. Repeat for sure.

I understand that New Yorkers lack patience and it’s not as if the Mets have done anything to foreshadow a much brighter season so far. I can also see the usual suspects claiming I’m one of Alderson’s apologists, bowing at some quasi-alter to the man. Give it up already it’s old and boring and to constantly argue Alderson’s legitimacy versus his predecessor is as mind numbing as a Charlie Sheen rant.

I’m also not going to bring up the ownership and it’s financial or lack of financial standing. It is what it is and there’s no sidestepping the issue. It’s just a matter of dealing with it and moving on.

I’m not going to hit you with a myriad of stats here. I know the starting rotation hasn’t started off as well as I and a few others thought. I know the offense at times hasn’t produced and the defense has hurt us, but again – 16 games.

Keep reminding yourselves of that, and when the team goes on a 10 and 5 streak, try not to christen them with the National League east yet. Just imagine how the Yawkies in Beantown are feeling right about now. Ok I’m done.

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