Has Your Mets Outlook Changed In The Last Few Days?

Dont bother to answer the question I posed in the title, it’s sort of a trick question intended only to separate the die-hards from the band wagoners.

If you believed in this team six or seven days ago, than that couldn’t have possibly changed so quickly and so early into a brand new season… right?

Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog, said this morning that he saw three groups or types of Mets fans while at the game yesterday,

There were seemingly three groups of fans in attendance: the first being very negative, pessimistic fans, who kept loudly predicting failure before and after every pitch; the second group were business types, entertaining clients, trying to enjoy the day, while giving half-looks over their shoulders at the first group; and then there was my group, the cautiously optimistic bunch, who, at just 6 games deep, still hope for the best, but who were mostly quiet, staring blankly at the field, wishing the team would do something well so the first group could quiet down.

Which Met fan are you?

I’m already seeing some media types already trying to weaken our resolve as Mets fans and smash our hopes even before the season goes into full throttle. Case in point, Dave D’Alessandro of the Star Ledger, who says manager Terry Collins already appears to be running out of time. Really? 

Never mind that he’s a mere stopgap. It hardly matters that everyone knows Sandy Alderson is basically using Collins to (cliché alert) change the culture for a few years before he can put the team in a position to moneyball its way back into your heart.

But in the time he’s allotted, Collins probably is going to do as good a job as anyone else can, given the limitations and the negativity and grim financial prospects that lie ahead.

Thanks for that Dave.

The sad part is that some Mets fans have already been calling for Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson to be fired, are they feeding into this media driven negativity or are they just bad Mets fans that only support their team when they win and kick them to the curb when they lose?

Come on people. Surely you know deep down inside that it’s way too early to start drawing conclusions, right?

Why do so many feel that they need to make some sort of a judgment call Now?

Why not take yourself out of that equation and just relax and enjoy these early season moments without feeling the need to come to some sort of an ultimatum on the season? Lets not rush to judgment.

After the long wait for baseball to begin again, is this how some of you are going to treat a new Mets season that is still in it’s infancy?

Hey, there are always going to be the doomsday fans and the nay-sayers, every fan base has there fair share including ours.

But lets not make their moans and groans drown out our enthusiasm and hopes for the team and the new season. At least not seven days into the season.    

Everybody just relax and enjoy the rest of the homestand.

Say it with me… Lets Go Mets!