Morning Grind: Why Is Gee Only Considered A Darkhorse For The Rotation?

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While the back end of the rotation is somewhat up in the air the leading contenders appear to be newly acquired arms Chris Young and Chris Capuano. Chris Young seems to be a lock for the fourth spot but why is Capuano considered the leading man for the fifth? With a year  of transition on the horizon and fixing the mess of the former regime, why not give the young guy, in this case Dillon Gee, a chance to start?

24- year old Dillon Gee, prior to 2010, was a prospect recovering from a shoulder injury that sidelined him for most of 2009. In 2010, Gee struggled in Triple-A with an unsightly 4.96 ERA before being called up to the majors to replace the ailing ace Johan Santana. Gee shined in his debut for the Amazins going seven innings and only surrendering one run including a no-hit bid lasting through five innings. Gee would finish the season with a dominant 2.18 ERA in five starts with the Mets. In the small sample of Gee we witnessed in the majors, I believe he needs to be more talked about for the 5th spot of the rotation.

The signings of players such as Young, Capuano, Harris, Hairston and others were done to fill the current major league roster until the prospects are major league ready. But Gee is different, he has showed he can have success in the majors last September. So if we have the young guy that is more or less ready, why not give him a shot? I say give Gee a month to start, if he pitches well, great, if he doesn’t, put Capuano in the rotation and ship Gee back to Triple-A.

With the Aldersonian Era, if you will, in place for the Mets, the goal is to have a core of players that can perform well and remain with the franchise for many years. Seasons from now, who is most likely going to be the bigger impact on the club? An up and coming prospect or a 31-year old signed to a one-year incentive laden contract?

Last spring there was the even competition with Fernando Nieve and Jon Niese for the 5th spot in the rotation. Niese, the rookie, won the job and had a splendid rookie campaign. I think Dillon Gee could be 2011’s Jon Niese if given his fair chance.

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