2 Champions – 2 Different Winning Seasons – 2 Opinions

Spring training is going on as we speak. The New York Mets as well as every other MLB team are practicing and trying to perfect their skills so they can be the best they can be when the season begins. Right now the NY Mets are down in Port St. Lucie honing their skills while getting ready to begin and finish off their year with a bang! They even brought dirt from Citi Field down to Florida for Spring Training so the players can practice on the same turf like they have at home.

Everyone is going around saying what the Mets should or shouldn’t do to get back to where they were. But what should they really do? I’ve had the chance to talk to former New York Mets Players Ron Darling and Ed Kranepool and they explained to me what they believe the Mets should do in order to get back into the game as the well rounded, powerful team they could be.

I had asked Ron Darling if he thinks Terry Collins, the new Mets Manager, will bring his team to a winning season and all Ron could say while laughing was “Yeah, good luck Terry.” He then added that the Mets do have some good things going for them “Carlos Beltron and Jose Reyes are playing for a new contract and when athletes are playing for a new contract they tend to have great years. But who knows what’s going to happen. Philadelphia is such a strong team so they (The New York Mets) are going to have to be at their best and almost have a perfect year.” He also added “I see a bright future for the Mets”.  Now let’s see if Ron Darling’s predictions will come true.

Ed Kranepool had his own opinion on how the Mets will do this year, “I haven’t seen them picking up a lot of trades. They have picked up some players that were injured in the past so they’re hoping for a miracle. But I hope the ball club does better than last year because they struggled. They have to improve their pitching staff and that’s what they are trying to do.” Kranepool then added, “Everyone has to improve their play. They go to spring training hoping to be a better player and that’s what the fun of baseball is all about – being in the World Series.”

Only time will tell if the New York Mets will step up their game this year. I don’t know about you, but I have faith in our Mets. And maybe if all their fans would…They Would!

To see both my interviews with Ron Darling and Ed Kranepool you can click on the links below. 

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