R.A. Dickey’s Got a New Knuckleball

MetsBlog.com’s Matthew Cerrone posted pictures of R.A. Dickey’s throwing session.  

According to Cerrone, R.A. Dickey now has a new and improved knuckleball.

We all seen last season that R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball was really nasty. Now, it looks like its only going to get even more nasty as it takes on the movement of a circle change which just dies at the plate. 

Cerrone says that R.A. Dickey used his new slow knuckler in several games last season, but had limited success.

Fernando Martinez almost fell over after swinging at the R.A Dickey knuckleball yesterday.

It looks like R.A. Dickey will be exciting to watch once again this year Mets fans! 

That new, and improved knuckleball will definitely be interesting to see!