David Wright: Jose Reyes Makes Me A Better Player

Wright arrived to the Mets spring training complex today at Port St. Lucie, and of course he had plenty to say about a variety of Mets topics. One in particular interested me. 

Wright spoke emphatically about his feelings regarding his teammate Jose Reyes this afternoon, and made it clear how he thinks the front office should handle the decision to bring him back in 2012. Jayson Stark of ESPN reports,

“My goal is for Jose to come out here and have an All-Star-caliber year, carry us into the playoffs and then it really forces kind of the hand a little bit,” Wright said. “I think everything takes care of itself if he goes out there and has the kind of year that I think he’s going to. I think he makes everybody on this team better when he’s healthy. If I get a vote, or if I get a say, I want him playing to the left of me, and I want him hitting leadoff in the lineup that I’m in, because I think he makes me a better player.”

Alderson actually commented on the situation again last week, and is sticking to his guns. His plan is to let Reyes play the season out and then consider whether to bring him back at that time. By the way, why do they always ask Alderson the same question everytime a reporter grabs a hold him? It’s like groundhog day.

Anyway, it’s definitely a damned if you do, and damned if you don’t situation if you were to ask me. If Reyes goes out and has the best season of his career, will Alderson give him a Carl Crawford type deal? On the other hand, if Reyes goes out and has an injury plagued season like he did in 2009, will the Mets simply pass on him altogether?