Could A Cardinal Sin Become The Mets Salvation?

Albert Pujols is undoubtedly one of the greatest players the game of Baseball has ever seen. It simply goes without question. If dominance was a person he would look like the chiseled Latin Superman that is Pujols. Today, he and his agent Dan Lozano, turned down St. Louis’ contract extension.

The terms of the deal, at least according to the tight lipped Cardinal hierarchy of General Manager John Mozeliak and Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr., will stay a closely guarded state secret. Speculation has it that Pujols’ agent was looking for a deal in the range of 10 years at 30 million per. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if it was even higher – somewhere around 40 million per.

The move by Pujols agent, to set the first day of Spring Training as the self imposed deadline to negotiate a new contract, was absolute genius. Pujols is firmly cemented in the drivers seat and if there is anyone who will have this looming over them, it most certainly will be the St. Louis executives who most likely, have set in motion Albert Pujols’ slow and deliberate exit from the St. Louis stage.

Enter the Wilpons. Or Mark Cuban. Or The Donald. Or whoever else will be the last man or men standing when the wake of Madoff makes it final slice into American history and into the wallets of the Wilpons. If by sheer foolishness, the Cardinals can’t meet Pujols demands, what better marquee player could the Mets have than Albert Pujols?

What better player to rehabilitate a franchise? He would be a game changer the same way Steve Phillips who at the behest of Nelson Doubleday, made Mike Piazza the face of the franchise in the latter half of the 90’s and into the 2000’s.

Of course that was then, and this is now and unless there is a major cosmic alignment on multiple fronts, starting with ownership, the possibility of this happening is utter fantasy.

Just think of this. How incredible would it be as a fan? Could ownership ( whoever it may be ) afford whatever Pujols is asking? Who would wear number 5?


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