Violence In America Touches A Baseball Family

I’m writing off-topic again, but not far off. Our country has been shocked this week by violence at an outdoor meet and greet by a Congresswoman from Arizona. Eighteen injured, six killed, and the Congresswoman has a serious brain injury the outcome of which is still in doubt.

And how did this happen? A lone gunman shot them with a Glock.

Arizona has friendly gun laws due to the lapse of national laws several years ago – yes, the NRA was involved – and the purchase was easy.

But the point of my message today is not about guns, it is about people.

We are a diverse country, and we all try to get along, do the right thing, raise our kids and be good citizens. Sometime, read the inscription on the Statue of Liberty – it was the first thing my Norwegian Grandfather saw as he and three young brothers sailed into America. I never tired of hearing his stories about how much he appreciated being here, raising a family and making a living as a carpenter.

Much has changed since then, but there are still people who have Grandpa Pete’s persona and outlook on America.

I was doing OK, as I watched and listened to the TV about how the injured people were doing and the Congresswoman, too. Then I heard something that just really got to me. One of those killed by the gunman was a 9 year old little girl named Christina – Taylor Green. She had come to meet her Congresswoman.

I later heard that she was Dallas Green’s grand-daughter and another connection was made. – so many of us here in the Mets/Yankees/Phillies area actually knew who that was and what a great person and sportsman he was. It was enough to hear the one sentence I remember from his interview –

“Our lives will never be the same.”

* * * * * * * * * *

A fund has been established in memory of Christina Green in response to the outpouring offers of support for the family.

Donations in memory of Christina Taylor Green may be made by:

Logging on to the website of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona at and clicking the link to the Christina Taylor Green Memorial Fund.

Contacting the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona by e-mail at or by calling 520-545-0313.

Checks can be sent to the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, In Memory of Christina Taylor Green, 2250 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, Ariz. 85719

A public memorial service for Christina is scheduled for Thursday at 1 p.m. at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, located at 8650 N. Shannon Road in Tucson.