Terry Collins Confirms His Lineup (Almost)

We are almost a month away from spring training, and already we are getting some information about the new Mets lineup for this season. 

Adam Rubin of ESPNNewYork.com says that Terry Collins has confirmed what appears to be his new lineup for the Mets to the New York Post.  Well, almost.  The reason why I say almost, is because the winner in the battle for catcher and 2nd base will hold the last two spots in the lineup.  Terry Collins only confirmed the lineup from 1-6.

This is the Mets lineup, according to the New York Post.

Terry Collin’s Lineup
1.) Jose Reyes
2.) Angel Pagan
3.) David Wright
4.) Carlos Beltran
5.) Jason Bay
6.) Ike Davis
7.) 2nd Basemen
8.) Catcher
9.) Pitcher

Terry Collins also told the New York Post that he is planning on doing some “bowling nights” in order for the team to get to know each other.