Jose Reyes: As Reyes Goes, So Goes The Mets

OK, so that phrase is very overused, but you have to admit it’s true.

What you are about to read, Mets fans, should look like solid gold on your screen.

“I feel 100 percent,” said Jose Reyes. “I feel pain free.”

No more thyroid issues, no more oblique problems, no more batting third, and simply the Jose Reyes that we know and love.

Terry Collins introduced Jose Reyes at Citi Field Kids Day as the best player in the National League. Reyes boasted a huge smile all day and is very ready to begin spring training.

He says he’s shooting for at least 40 stolen bases this season. If he’s healthy and getting on base consistently, he should demolish that mark.

Last year, he felt compelled to play through pain because of only playing sporadically in 2009. He admits that he might have rushed back a little bit in order to get back on the field.

Reyes will be playing for his fourth manager in Collins. It’s hard to believe, but with Pedro Feliciano’s signing with the Dark Side, that makes Reyes the longest tenured Met.

“I can’t believe that man,” said Reyes. “It’s true. I’ve been here a long time in this organization. They want me to be here at least one more year.”

As of now, Reyes at least said that he is not thinking about his contractual status. He will likely test the waters of free agency next offseason. A big year this year could cement him in Queens for a long time.

“I understand that this is a business,” said Reyes. “I will try to help this team the best that I can and see what happens after.”

One way to help this team will be to stay focused all year and return to being the most dynamic leadoff hitter in the game. Coupled with Angel Pagan at the top of the order, these two can set the table for Wright, Beltran, Bay and Davis. If things click, this offense could be dangerous.

“I have to be more patient and take more walks,” said Reyes. “It was hard for me to get going last year. I still believe in my talent, I’m still 27, so I think I’ll be fine.”

Despite many new faces in the organization, Reyes is looking forward to a successful year. He said of course the team will miss Johan Santana, but if everyone else stays healthy, watch out.

When asked if the Phillies are the team to beat, Reyes responded with the following:

“Last year we played against them pretty good. Hopefully we can better this year. It’s not going to be easy, but we’re still positive we can beat them.”

On second base, Reyes isn’t worried about who will win the job. He has played with so many different second basemen throughout his career that he will easily be able to adjust to whomever earns the spot.

Of utmost importance, Reyes mentioned some murmurings that he might be bringing back the famed “Learn Spanish with ‘Profesor Reyes’” during the second inning of home games. That would be great to see for the first time at Citi Field.

So hopefully ‘Profesor Reyes’ can remain focused this season, produce to his capabilities, sign an extension, and finish his career as a New York Met.

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