Russell Martin To Mets Rumors Much Ado About Nothing

With an anxious fan base craving any kind of moves from the Mets, and a bevy of journalists and writers willing to give them some hope, even if nobody really believes anything is going to happen, the rumors keep pouring in.

The More Sandy Alderson goes in front of a camera and says don’t expect much if anything, the more rumors tying the Mets to several key players emerge. And with hundreds of dedicated bloggers all too willing to go to town with these mostly unfounded rumors, it can get pretty confusing.

This latest one concerning Russell Martin however is full of way too much fluff where the Mets are concerned and hardly any substance. Right off the bat does anybody seriously believe that the Mets will pay Russell Martin in excess of $4 million dollars to be Josh Thole’s backup? What makes anyone believe Martin would even take a job as a backup?

It really doesn’t take a rocket science to figure some of this stuff out, especially in the Mets case when they’ve repeatedly said again, and again, and again:

They have only $5MM to spend in payroll!

That’s all there is, there’s nothing hiding in the cookie jar or under the mattress.

Another fact you should know is that:

 Martin turned down $4.2MM dollars from the Dodgers!

The evolution of the Russell Martin rumor has been well documented on MetsBlog in a series of round the clock updates,

  • Russell Martin wants to play on the east coast (Apparently that’s Yiddish for he wants to be a Met)
  • Sources say Mets are worried about Martin being an injury risk and not interested. (But not as worried in the cases of Young and Francis.)
  • Jon Heyman reports that the Mets are interested in Russell Martin. (This moments after he called the Mets scavengers on WFAN.)
  • The Daily News reports Martin is too expensive for the Mets. (Oh really?)
  • Buster Olney reports Mets are talking to Martin and requested medical records. (Our boys are hard at work in sunny Orlando.)
  • The Daily News reports again that Martin would be too expensive for the Mets. (Haven’t we heard that already?)
  • Ken Rosenthal says the Mets are interested in Martin, but not as interested as the Yankees and Red Sox are. (Okay, this is getting ridiculous.)

Those were one days worth of posts!

The bottom line is that Russell Martin has as much a chance of becoming a Met, as Albert Pujols does. The sad part is that all the people spreading these rumors know that better than anyone, but they’ve become too obsessed with their blogs and Twitter accounts so they continue to let this fairy tale evolve. Stay tuned for another ten episodes today and tomorrow.

All this Martin hysteria does is create this illusion of a Mets front office hard at work trying to land Russell Martin, so that when he signs elsewhere, and believe me he will, a new volley of posts will appear saying that the Mets low-balled him or that he used the Mets for leverage, and OMG whose our backup catcher gonna be, and of course the old stand-by, this front office sucks. You get the picture.

Why is it so hard for those who report the news and the rumors to simply listen to what Sandy Alderson says time and time again?

Do they think he’s lying or holding back untold millions?

What’s next, that the Mets are interested in Carl Pavano? Or Carl Crawford? Or Zach Grienke?

And how many of Mets faithful will fall for those rumors too?

Like I said at the beginning of this post, this is not rocket science.

Five million dollars to fill 6-7 roster spots, means that the Mets are not looking to spend more than one million dollars on any one player. It’s very simple arithmetic actually.

So the next time you’re on Twitter or Facebook or or any other site or blog, and you see some headline that suggests the Mets are interested in someone you know will command more than $3-4 million dollars, don’t fall into the trap.