IMO: Winter Meetings 2010

Sandy Alderson has guaranteed the Mets will come back from the 2010 Winter Meetings with new players.

He is quoted as saying: “I can guarantee you we’ll come back with some new players, I can’t guarantee you how high-profile they will be or how many. If nothing else, we’ll pick in the Rule 5 Draft just to say we brought a player back.”

Now that last part was said as more of a joke than anything, but it shows that he is determined to improve the Mets as much as he can with the little money he can play around with. Here’s my view on what the Mets should do in order to improve the Mets for next season and beyond.

First we begin with position players. I actually think for the most part we have all of our starting position players. I can’t see us picking up an outfielder while we already have Jason Bay, Carlos Beltran, and Angel Pagan to start the season. Whether Beltran starts in center or in right will be discussed in an upcoming post. I think you will see Daniel Murphy be our starting second baseman to start the season.

We definitely need a catcher to either platoon or backup Josh Thole. I think a good fit would be recently non-tendered Dodger Russell Martin. This guy still has ability even though he is coming off his worst year in the major. As recently as 2007 he was both a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger winner. It’s also well known that he prefers playing on the East Coast. I think he could take a one year job with the Mets to improve his stock and get a bigger deal next off-season. He also has the ability to play third and possibly second base and left field.

So not only would adding Russell Martin help our catching, but he could also fill in at some other spots if we ever find ourselves in a pinch.

Next we find ourselves looking at the bullpen. What a mess this is looking to be at the moment. Right now we have Ryota Igarashi, Bobby Parnell, Manny Acosta, Pat Misch and K-Rod. The real bright spot in that bullpen looks to be Parnell, who really lit up the radar at the end of last season.

With the realization that we will most likely not have Perpetual Pedro in the bullpen anymore, Alderson must get another lefty to pair with Misch. I bring you to another former all star that was recently non-tendered by the Dodgers. George Sherrill was a main piece in the trade to bring Erik Bedard to Seattle and he was looked at as a big piece to help the Dodgers bridge the gap to Jonathan Broxton a couple years ago.

Like Martin, Sherrill had a very down year for the Dodgers last year. He sported an ugly 6.69 ERA, by far the worst in his career. Now I’m not saying this guy is going to be a perfect replacement for Feliciano, but I don’t see a problem bringing this guy on either on an incentive heavy deal or potentially a minor-league contract with an opt out if he doesn’t make the big league roster. I think spending some time with Dan Warthen in Spring Training could greatly benefit Sherrill.

I don’t see Alderson being able to move Castillo or Ollie during the Winter Meetings. In reality he probably won’t be able to move their deals at all. But that’s not anything we should be surprised about. Also, he will definitely make more moves, but if he can walk away from the winter meetings with these two guys on the roster, I feel like we would be taking steps toward a better direction.