An Idea For A New And Very Cool Mets Promotion

Sorry for my infrequent posting in the past few weeks, but lately it’s been a real struggle to try and find something worth writing about without sounding a tad bit redundant.

That said, I recently had an opportunity to think about a discussion I had during a Christmas dinner a few years ago with one of my cousins. No doubt, this thought was spurred on by a recent post by Greg Pomes about bringing back Old Timers Day, an idea whose time has come again, and one I whole-heartedly support.

Anyway, the topic of conversation was how boring some of these Mets promotions had become lately and that we needed to jazz things up a little. It was then that a light bulb went off in my head and an incredible idea for an amazing promotion started to come to fruition.

How would you love to go to Citi Field some day or night and see the Buffalo Bisons or the Binghamton Mets take the field?

How awesome would it be to actually see some of the top prospects we always hear about, actually playing before our very eyes at Citi Field?

We could call it something silly like “Meet The “Other” Mets”, or why not bring back that classic slogan, “Take Your Kids Out To See Our Kids”. (We know the Mets love their slogans!)

I think fans would be absolutely thrilled with the promotion, and I don’t believe it would be that difficult for the Mets to set it up and pull it off either.

You can pick one weekend in June or July when the Mets are on the road, and have one of our minor league affiliates play a regular three-game series with Citi Field as their home park.

It would be a great way to increase revenue while the Mets are on the road, and also put that brand spanking new ballpark to some additional use in the process.

You could even leave ticket prices the same as they are for regular Mets games, that way not only can you reimburse our affiliates handsomely for their troubles, but you should have plenty left over to donate to a charity like the Make A Wish Foundation, or one of the Mets official charities.

How stoked would the fans be to see Captain Kirk making a diving grab in centerfield, Reese Havens lashing a double down the left field line, Matt Harvey striking out the side, or Alderin Rodriguez launching one into the Pepsi Porch?!

Also look at it from the players perspectives; they get a chance to walk out onto a Major League field and get a small taste of what it would be like to fulfill their lifelong dreams. How’s that for motivation!

You want more???

How about this…

As an additional part of the promotion, lets get one of our sponsors to fund a fantastic give-away that will truly mark the memorable occasion and also become an immediate Mets collectors item; FREE Baseball Card Team Sets for the first 15,000 fans! (Hello Upper Deck and Topps – are you reading?)

Bring the mascots too!

A promotion such as this one would really tighten the bond between the team and their loyal and loving fans.

There is so much you can do with this and so many different ways you can run with it and the best part is that the fan enthusiasm for it, will be all you need to fuel the marketing aspects of it.

I have no doubt that this can become the Mets promotion that launched a thousand tweets (and blogs), and all of them 100% positive!

You can choose one affiliate each year and rotate them… Instead of a three-game series you can have three different affiliates playing one game each that weekend… Or you can have each affiliate each play one three-game series each month when the Mets are on the road… The possibilities are endless, the benefits are immeasurable, and fan enthusiasm would be unrivaled. I wouldn’t be surprised if other Major League teams soon followed suit.

So what do you say Fred and Jeff?

Can you contact us and let us know that you’ll at least consider the idea?

I truly believe that with this promotion, you could really knock it out of the park… and yes, even in Citi Field….

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