Would You Cancel Your Mets Ticket Plan Because Of Which Manager The Mets Hire?

It’s a simple question to ask, but definitely not one you can easily answer. The topic comes up frequently on MMO, with one pro-Backman fan suggesting that “not only would he be a great choice to be the Mets manager, but he would even sell tickets”.

Personally, I’ve never based my ticket buying decisions on who the manager was, but I can see how some fans would especially when that manager is someone who is beloved like Bobby Valentine and Davey Johnson… and Wally Backman.

I came across a great post from a passionate Mets fan who was in this exact same dilemma and his story bears reading. Here is a part of it and consider it a teaser because the best parts comes after the jump.

So, I made the call. It was honestly one of the toughest phone calls I’ve ever made. One of the hardest conversations I’ve ever had. The guy I spoke to was a ticket representative, not the type of guy who can directly impact Sandy Alderson’s decision. What I asked him to do, for the sake of the organization, was to tell everyone in his department about my phone call. To have them tell employees who would filter that information to the people in the organization who care about losing millions of dollars after tons of other fans who are in my situation do the exact thing I’m threatening to do. The Mets employee informed me that he and others in his department have been getting lots of calls similar to mine, that they know how the fans feel.

Let me be clear: I do not want to cancel my tickets. I, alone, would not cancel my tickets if the Mets re-hired Art Howe. I would be furious, but the only thing that could make me cancel my tickets is if my friends pull out. And if the Mets hire Bob Melvin, that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Bob Melvin, from everything I’ve heard, is a good man. He’s a smart man. He has experience Managing in the Major Leagues, but the best thing his supporters say about him is that he’s average. AVERAGE? That’s what this team is shooting for? Melvin would be an absolutely abysmal choice for this team at this point in time. He’s been fired from his last two Major League managing jobs. People close to him say he doesn’t want to deal with the media scrutiny in New York. People close to him also say he’s not a fit for the New York market in general. Before the Mets job opened up, Bob Melvin interviewed to be the Major League manager for three other teams. No one hired him.

Read all of this post at Rational (Sometimes) Mets Musings by Danny Abriano.

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