Should The Mets Look Into Rickie Weeks?

Today Ken Rosenthal reported that the Brewers would listen to offers regarding several players, one of those players is Rickie Weeks.  Weeks has one year left on his contract.  In 2010 Rickie Weeks will be making $2.75 million dollars.  The Mets we know need someone at second base as it’s highly likely that Castillo won’t be playing full time if at all for the Mets in 2010.  Also I believe that Ruben Tejada would benefit another year in Triple A.

2010 was a great year for Rickie Weeks.  In Weeks hitting out of the leadoff spot hit 29 home-runs, he had 83 RBI’s and scored 112 runs.  The 112 runs scored were second in the league to Albert Pujols.  Weeks played in 160 Games, a career high for the 2nd baseman.  Weeks also had an OBP of .355.  Weeks walked 76 times last season but he did strikeout a lot, in fact it was 184 times, just missing a Brewers club record. His stolen bases were the lowest of his career, except in 2009 but he only played in 37 games that season.  Weeks would upgrade the lineup immediately.  Imagine top 3 in the lineup consisting of Jose Reyes, Rickie Weeks and Angel Pagan?  Weeks is also not bad defensively.  Weeks posted a fielding percentage of .980 playing 159 games at second base.  He has excellent range and would make a great double play partner with Jose Reyes.

The problem with trading for Weeks is what the Brewers want in return.  Rosenthal reports that the Brewers would want a top of the rotation stater and they don’t want the 4th or 5th pitcher in the rotation.  As good as Weeks is and would help the Mets I don’t see the Mets being able to pull it off and I’m not sure I want them to trade a top of the rotation starter.  Also I’m sure Weeks is going to want to test free agency in 2012 so he would theoretically be a rental.  I’m guessing if the Mets would be willing to trade say Jon Niese that would help get the deal done but that I think would be wrong.  Niese had a great year last year and I don’t want to lose him for a possible rental.  Also the Mets in 2012 have a lot of money coming off the payroll, they’re going to need a second baseman and might just decide to wait until then to sign Weeks.

Of course we know the Mets have a couple of good pitching prospects such as Jenrry Mejia and Dillion Gee but I doubt the Brewers would want to trade Weeks for Mejia who has had control issues not to mention minor injury problems.  Dillion Gee looked good in his cup of coffee but with a player the caliber of Weeks I don’t think he would do for the Brewers.

Right now the Brewers want a 1, 2 or 3 pitcher and if they do want to trade Weeks bad enough those demands could come down a bit as the Hot Stove season heats up.  The Mets should keep their ears and eyes open for a possible trade with the Brewers.