Stop The Presses – Please!

I used to think one of the great questions about a major league baseball game was – ‘can anyone here play this game?’. After the last few days, reading the press in NYC – and elsewhere, my question is ‘does anyone in Mets land know how to run a team?’

It’s been obvious for quite some time that Mets management operates to its’ own beat, quite different from any other major league team. Right from the top, Fred Wilpon plays a different game, all sorts of obtuse messages emanate from him and his office.

Jeff, who is trying to make a place for himself in the world of MLB always butts in with some inane comments which have no basis in facts. He reminds me of a B type movie star who just wants some publicity.

Right now, the internet and the Daily News and the Post are full of so called ‘breaking news’ – but is it?

It looks to me like a Mets plan gone wrong as so many of them have.

Again I will mention the character of Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya, who in the midst of this chaos, are keeping their heads and are still on the job, which will become moot at the end of the season this weekend.

Let’s Go Mets, has taken on a different meaning for me now.