Jeff, Fred Wilpon Press Conference Highlights

Here is a recap of the press conference at Citi Field by Fred and Jeff Wilpon. I included some notes and observations after the quotes.

1:45 PM

Jeff Wilpon: “I am very disappointed, but I believe I handled this in the most humane way that I could. We need someone to instill a winning culture in all levels of the organization.” 

Jeff Wilpon: “It will be new GM’s decision on whether Omar Minaya still has a job with the organization or not.”

Fred Wilpon: I love the New York Mets.  I love this franchise.  This franchise is part of our family, and our lives… As the Principal Owner and the CEO of this team, I am responsible, I have the last word, the buck stops here and so I take all of the responsibility for the failures on the field or in any other places in this organization… We will hire a new GM, and he will hire the manager and the coaches.  His job and the managers job and the staff’s job, with our support, is to win baseball games.

Jeff Wilpon: “We will ask permission to speak to new GM candidates and hire someone as soon as we believe is feasible. We are considering up and comers and those with long-term experience. We are going outside the organization so we can get some new ideas and energize our team and fanbase.”

2:00 PM

Fred Wilpon: “There is a bad perception out there. I don’t remember one time during the Omar Minaya era, where the baseball department has come to ownership and told us they want to sign this player and got turned down. Not one time.”

Jeff Wilpon: ’We’re going to look for someone with new ideas and a new leadership quality here to reinvigorate the franchise and give our fans the hope that they deserve and figure out ways to do some things with the ballclub as it’s constituted and try to turn it around and move in to the new direction that we want.’

Jeff Wilpon: “Those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Of course there will be changes in how we do everything.”

2:10 PM

Jeff Wilpon: “We will do what we have always done in how we hire a manager. The general manager will make his decision on the manager and all the coaches and bring that information to us like any other major expenditure.”

Fred Wilpon: “We don’t want a new GM to just come in and clean house, we will encourage him to assess the organization.”

Fred Wilpon: “SNY will have record gross earnings and is in a wonderful spiral up. The Madoff situation effected some of our other business, to be general I would say the Madoff issue was a total betrayal that I will take to my grave. It took some liquidity away but not from the business of running the Mets.”

Final Notes

Jeff can’t imagine trading David Wright, but will listen to new GM.

Both Fred and Jeff come off as very sincere to me.

I thought it was anexcellent press conference and that no stones were left unturned.

Fred told Kevin Burkhardt that if the new GM wants a smaller park than the fences will be brought in.

Fred Wilpon obviously loves this team and I genuinely believe him.

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