And This Too Shall Pass

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, gives us the final numbers on how the Mets fared in attendance in only the second season of their new park, Citi Field.

The Mets announced a final-game attendance of 30,849. That makes the season total: 2,559,738.

Because there were two single-admission doubleheaders and technically 79 home dates, the average attendance was 32,402.

Despite 92 losses in 2009, their inaugural season at Citi Field, the Mets announced a total attendance of 3,168,571. That’s an average crowd of 39,118 for each of 81 home dates.

So the final decline in average attendance: 17.2 percent.

It’s a steep drop to say the least, but just a reflection of how far and how fast this current regime has lost the paying interest of a proud and once willing fan base.

Do not mistake this for fans jumping off the Mets bandwagon or fading loyalty, it’s not that at all.

Many of the people I ask and talk to all feel as passionate about the Mets as they have ever been in their lives.

Are we disappointed? Of course we are, who wouldn’t be, but don’t mistake the falling attendance for a drop in Mets fandom.

Instead look at it for what it really is… An unwillingness to pay high prices for a poor product.

Give us a team we can be proud of and rally around, and we’ll break every attendance record in the book!

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