Morning Grind: Loserville, No Hitter, 3 Amigos, 2011 Rotation

What’s up, Met Nation.

Thanks for the awesome comments from you. I appreciate the insights, banters, and strong opinions. I don’t care what they say about you: You’re the best. To those that hate on the Mets continually and run back and forth to the Bronx or other teams whenever things are not ideal: Two pieces of advice: 1) Place the L sign on your forehead and 2) See #1. Speaking of…….

Bring It On Down To Loserville

Losing is the topic of discussion in Flushing. Add your own punchlines there. 

“I think different players have different ways of dealing with losing. There’s probably some guys, including myself, that probably take it too hard. And there’s probably other guys that don’t take it hard enough. I think probably the ideal spot is somewhere in the middle of the two. It’s important that the guys that want to be here, those are the guys that we want. Because the guys that want to be here are the guys that show that emotion and really, I think, are going to do everything that we can to win.”

Now I ask you: Is David Wright talking about himself too? If I had $5 every time I didn’t see the ‘will to win’, I wouldn’t have to work for 6 months and my wife and I would have a nice, long vacation. I posted this in Wednesday’s edition of the Grind: That “refuse to lose” mentality is non-existent in Flushing the last few years and when it returns, you’ll see it translate to wins over our opponents rather than the more common wins for our opponents.

Surprisingly (not), some veterans were not happy with DW’s comments and approached him about it. Pay attention to the key words:

“What makes you think you have the right to say these things, kid? How long have you been here?”

I guess you can be the face of the organization and try to be a vocal leader as long as you keep your mouth shut, huh? Read into that what you will but from my calculations, the only Met tenured longer than DW is Jose Reyes.

First No Hitter

With a series of seasons like this one, the last thing we may think about is this piece of missing history. But this is a startling fact: This franchise has been in the majors the longest without pitching a no-hitter. I would love to know your thoughts on why  that is. Mets’ pitchers, however, have thrown 36 one-hitters so they get close. I thought that Johan would be that guy that brings that elusive piece of history to Flushing. Some said Pedro. Some believe Jon Niese is that guy. Providing he starts, Harvey may be the one who breaks history if Johan doesn’t.

The Three Amigos

An amazing coincidence that these three are lumped together in a piece of negative news or no? Newsday’s David Lennon tweeted: ‘It was noticed,’ in regards to Carlos Beltran (had a meeting with his foundation to discuss plans to build a high school in his native Puerto Rico), Luis Castillo (felt he would be too traumatized), and Oliver Perez (declined to elaborate)skipping yesterday’s trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which Mets players and team officials attended. DW told he felt that everyone on the team should’ve attended this event because of its significance.

“I think that just being American and living in this country, we owe it to those guys to say thank you and tell them how much we appreciate what they put on the line every day,”

All three are mired in some kind of controversy, in trade talks, or not expected to be around in ’11. More importantly, all three have been vocal about their issues with the team recently. Is this the summer of discontent for the three amigos? Straight up, I don’t care if they went to the event or not as it’s a personal choice. What I do find interesting is that it’s these three particularly and the clear connection that links them this season. I’m not sure they’re making any statements on purpose here but I do think the biggest statement has already been made months ago.

2011 Rotation

Well, it’s a done deal, huh? The 2011 rotation is all but set speculates MLBTR. Santana, Dickey, Niese, Pelfrey, and Mejia? I don’t have major issues with any one of these arms besides a case of the yips that Pelf has given me lately. Other than that, I like what they have done this year, generally speaking. I still think that we’re missing something crucial: Another ace. I think Johan has been very good for us. I think another ace that can pitch at the 1 or 2 spot is key if the team is going for a title. No more room for errors and passive approaches to winning. Don’t make me tell you which one of these guys I would trade to get one. Hint: It’s not Mejia, Niese, or Dickey. The status quo’s not working. If you keep doing the same things over and over, you can’t expect a different result. When being the 2nd best baseball team in the city and the fourth best team in the NL East is no longer acceptable, then the time to start stacking the deck and honestly go after a championship can begin.

There’s dirt on us but it’s high time for a good housecleaning. Business is about to pick up. Have an awesome day.